Landline and Sun Country partnership


We are proud to announce our partnership with Sun Country Airlines.

You can now connect to your Sun Country trips in MSP riding on Landline buses, serving the Duluth (DLH) and Mankato (MKT) airports.

How does it work?

1. Go to to book.

2. When searching for your trip, make sure your search originates at either Duluth (DLH) or Mankato (MKT) airports.

3. Purchase your combined Landline and Sun Country trip.

4. Check in for your trip online or in person at the Landline terminal.

5. Drop your luggage off at MKT or DLH airports; luggage will be checked to your final destination

6. Arrive at MSP and walk into the terminal to your Sun Country flight.


1. When does the service start?

You can start booking now. Service begins November 4.

2.What cities does the Landline + Sun Country partnership serve?

All cities Landline connects to Minneapolis are part of this partnership. Currently, these are Mankato (MKT) and Duluth (DLH), but in the near future Landline will connect more cities to MSP.

3.How do I book a trip?

Go to, search for trips to/from MKT or DLH airports, and book an itinerary that includes a Landline leg.

4.How do I check in for the bus portion of the trip?

You can check in online through, or in person at the Landline terminal.

5.Will I have a boarding pass for the bus trip?

Yes, when you check in online or directly at the Landline terminal, a boarding pass will be provided.

6.Do I need to pick up my checked luggage once I arrive at the terminal?

No, your checked luggage will be carried through to your final Sun Country destination.