Landline Select™


Landline Select is our door to door, affordable private shuttle service. We carry up to 4 passengers between the home and MSP Airport. Service is available in the Duluth, Mankato and St Cloud regions. Our luxury vehicles are uniquely designed for your comfort.

Ride by yourself or with family and friends. Each trip allows for up to 4 passengers. Cost per person decreases with each additional passenger. Pick-up radius is limited. Check out our pricing below!

Duluth Area

1 Passenger

2 Passenger

3 Passenger

4 Passenger





Mankato/St. Cloud Area

1 Passenger

2 Passenger

3 Passenger

4 Passenger





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Luxury vehicles

Our vehicles guarantee that you will have a top of the line, first class travel experience.

Enjoy plush seating, extra legroom, ultra clean interiors and your own private space.


Private travel

Landline Select gives you a chance to truly enjoy travel.

When the departure location is your front door, there are no check-ins and no waiting in line.

Just settle in and relax to MSP.

Made for You

Landline Select is more than just a shuttle service.

Sit back and enjoy your trip. It’s time to listen to your favorite music, catch up on work or simply enjoy quality family time.


Cities We Serve


Duluth, MN

Hermantown, MN

Proctor, MN

Munger, MN

Willow River, MN

Sturgeon Lake, MN

Simar, MN

Eldes Corner, MN

Esko, MN

Scanlon, MN

Moose Lake, MN

Barnum, MN

Cloquet, MN

Carlton, MN

Thomson, MN

Grand Lake, MN

Mahtowa, MN

Atkinson, MN

Saginaw, MN

Otter Creek, MN

Superior, WI

Riverview, WI

Oliver, WI


Mankato, MN

North Mankato, MN

St. Peter, MN

Kasota, MN

Eagle Lake, MN

Skyline, MN

Nicollet, MN

Madison Lake, MN

Lake Crystal, MN

Rapidan, MN

Cleveland, MN

New Ulm, MN

Ottawa, MN

St. Cloud

St. Cloud, MN

Sartell, MN

Sauk Rapids, MN

Monticello, MN

Duelm, MN

Watab, MN

Briggs Lake, MN

St. Joseph, MN

Becker, MN

Pleasant Lake, MN

Waite Park, MN

Rockville, MN

Avon, MN

Cable, MN

Albany, MN

Collegeville, MN

St. Augusta, MN

Clearwater, MN