MileMarkers℠ by Landline

With our new and improved MileMarkers Loyalty Program, you can easily earn miles by riding Landline and use them for future trips.

Track your travel, earn rewards.

There is no commitment or cost to become a Loyalty Member. To begin earning miles, register for a MileMarkers account.


As a MileMarkers Member, you can not only earn rewards by tracking your travel, but also by referring a friend. Every MileMarkers account has a shareable Referral Code that can be found here.

Share your personalized Referral Code with a friend and have them enter it when they create their very own MileMarkers account. Once they ride with us, you will automatically receive 500 Miles credited to your MileMarkers account – enough Miles for a one way trip on Landline! Each customer is limited to one MileMarkers account.

Each MileMarkers member is allowed up to 10 referrals – so start sharing it with your family, friends, neighbors or local barista!

*Miles are rewarded 24 hours after a trip is complete, not at the time of booking.

If you are few miles short from being able to redeem a trip, you can purchase miles on your Landline account. No need to wait to earn enough miles to redeem travel for the whole family. Just spend a few dollars and enjoy low cost family travel.

If you have an existing loyalty account with Landline, your account and previously earned points will automatically be transferred into a new MileMarkers account.

For questions regarding the MileMarkers Loyalty Program, email us at or call us at (888) 428-1149