Bus -> Airport -> Ahhh.

Airline partnerships

Landline is partnering with airlines to open new opportunities for affordable air travel. When you book with a partner airline, Landline will be a seamless part of your travel itinerary. Landline is an easy way to connect to your flight, with many of the conveniences of airline travel, including the ability to select your seat.

How it works

Book your Landline and air travel on an airline partner site for a seamless travel experience. Simply select Duluth or Mankato as the departure city.

Check in and check your bags at your Landline departure. You’ll be ticketed for your full travel itinerary and your checked bags will follow you to your final destination.

We are Here for You. Unforeseen circumstances can delay road or air travel. If delays occur our service agents will help you get to your final destination.

Travel More- Get Rewarded. Ride ten times get a trip on us when you join our loyalty program.


Our first airline partner will be announced this summer.