Landline is building the airport of the future...
designed for affordability, accessibility and convenience


Landline is building the airport of the future...designed for affordability, accessibility and convenience


Our platform enables you to


Check in from anywhere

In the future, every university, corporate campus, resort, and small town will have a Landline Portal. You can check in, check your bags and clear security – all closer to home.


Fly with the airline you love

Major US airlines partner with us to provide their customers the world’s first economically accessible private airport experience. Today, we have two major US airlines on our platform - United and Sun Country.


Reimagine your travel day

This “airport anywhere” concept will forever change travel, and every traveler, airline & community stand to benefit from this paradigm shift.

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Depinder Aujla

General Counsel & VP, People

Jesus Medina

Head of Safety

Ben Munson

Co-Founder & President

Brooke Rogers

Manager of Customer Success

Julia Salomon

Human Resources Specialist

Evan Schilling

Human Resources Specialist

Cary Shannon

Operations Coordinator Supervisor

David Sunde

Co-Founder & CEO

Olvin Valentin

Director, Commercial

Scott Wright

Product Manager

Dave Ziemer

Head of Air Operations

Steven Zupparo

Surface Transport Ops

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